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There is no research to support the constructivist theory of learning.

Since constructivism as a theory doesn't dictate any one particular method of teaching, there is no such thing as a "proof of constructivism". On the other hand, a large number of research results support the theory at a general level. At the specific level of K-12 education, some of the most interesting research has been done by the French mathematics education research program known as Didactique, or Didactics. Since the 1960's, didacticians have been carrying out carefully designed experiments, many of them in a school designed to be a center for observation of such experiments. The initial research question of Didactique was "Can students actually learn from lessons designed on constructivist principles?" They chose the internationally challenging subject of fractions and decimals, set up a very much controlled teaching experiment and demonstrated that the kind of learning they had predicted did indeed occur.


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